Caleb A. Miller

Caleb A. Miller is a Marine Corps Veteran and founder of Miller Wilmers, APC. Prior to founding Miller Wilmers, APC, Mr. Miller worked for a reputable Southern California defense firm representing employers ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Miller is well-versed in all areas of employment law including discrimination, harassment and wage and hour violations and has extensive knowledge of the strategies employers implement to prevent justice for mistreated employees. As a man of the people, Mr. Miller prides himself on leveraging his insider knowledge to effectively advocate for employees against even the largest employers. He knows their next step before they do and uses it to get his clients the maximum recovery as efficiently as possible. 

Mr. Miller also maintains a select clientele of businesses and conducts comprehensive, preventative liability audits to assist them in evaluating their potential exposure to California wage and hour violations as well as Fair Employment and Housing claims. Mr. Miller has extensive experience conducting single location and multiple location audits for employers, which involve examining specific issues (i.e., exempt status of employees, employment classification, OSHA-compliance, state required notices, COVID-19 regulation compliance) and broader wage and hour concerns through sampling employee wage and time records.

"I understand that if you are contacting an attorney, you are experiencing a very difficult time in your life which is only made worse by unfair pressure to just go quietly. After years of playing for the other team, I know their tactics, processes and procedures to level the playing field. That is exactly why I have made the decision to fight for employees and deliver justice to the people most disaffected in today's society."

Mr. Miller is involved in a number of veterans-based charities and works with the veteran community to assist in housing, education and various legal matters. 

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  • Attorney Caleb Miller was the most responsive, hard working attorney that I have met a quite a long time.

    Attorney Caleb Miller was the most responsive, hardworking attorney that I have met a quite a long time. He is diligent, and responsive. His professionalism and work ethic are beyond that of the average lawyer. I personally can say that his knowledge in employment and corporate issues, are except...

    Miller Wilmers, APC is by far one of the best law firms out there!! Caleb and Justin not only care about their clients but also put in a tremendous amount of time to do what they absolutely love doing, which is helping others and creating a safe and welcoming environment to help their community w...
  • Jeremy - Caleb is my go to Source for Legal Information

    "I have trusted Mr. Miller with many of my inquiries regarding work related issues. His drive and eagerness to get things done properly with care can't be matched. I've confided in this firm with multiple cases other than work related and he has ben backwards to see that I was satisfied with the ...
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