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Midwest Justice is a contractor with Kansas City area courts. We place a tracking anklet on a client’s ankle and the signal from the bracelet allows us to track the gps location of the client.

ankle braceletHouse Arrest is an alternative to jail, that the client (person wearing the anklet) pays for. House Arrest services are completed to satisfy a court order.

Through a series of pre arranged agreements with area courts Midwest Justice has been given guidelines for what clients are allowed to do while on House Arrest.

Midwest Justice makes a schedule with our clients that allows them to attend work, school, counseling, and other court approved activities.

Violations /Deviations from the approved schedule and locations allowed are taken very seriously and clients can be arrested because of them.


  • $125 fee for first week of supervision (1-7 days), additional fees may apply-please talk to House Arrest officer for full program costs.
  • $12 per day for non DUI charges
  • $12 per day for DUI charge (includes breath testing)
  • The supervised defendant pays the cost of house arrest as they go on a weekly basis
  • Additional fees and deposits for out of town clients and other services available, call for prices


The EASIEST METHOD to get started. There are two forms needed. The easiest and fastest method is to download the pdf files, complete the forms and send them to us. (address at the top of page)


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